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Email Marketing


For our web development clients only, we provide a full email marketing service.

Many of our clients find that building a relationship with their customers through the use of email marketing is a great way to increase customer confidence in their brands and to boost sales.

Email Marketing solutions can also be purchased as part of our Silver or Gold Ecommerce Management packages.

Please contact us for further information.

Our Service

one Email Design

Using the content you provide we design your email template suitable for viewing on all common email clients (such as Microsoft Outlook) and devices such as smartphones.

We prepare each of your regular emails, sending you a draft for approval before sending the email to your customer recipient list.

two Email sending

We send your emails to your recipient list from our non-blacklisted dedicated mail server. To conform to legal requirements as well as to keep our mail server off of spam blacklists, we send only to your explicitly opted-in recipients.

three Subscriber list maintenance

For all new websites we design we include an auto-unsubscribe facility. When one of your recipients clicks the unsubscribe link in one of your marketing emails they are automatically unsubscribed from your recipient list without any human intervention being necessary.

Your unsubscribed recipient will be directed to a page on your website to confirm their removal from your list.

We also remove from your list those recipients whose email addresses are no longer valid. For example those recipients whose emails are returned to us with a reason of “address no longer exists”, or similar.

four Response Tracking

Your web site backend will also include a response tracking page enabling you to keep abreast of the number of each email sent, the number of recipients that responded to the email and the number of people who unsubscribed from your list.

This tracking information is expressed as an actual quantity and as a percentage of the total emails sent.